Vivian Amis

I want to thank you from (the bottom of) my heart for all of your enthusiasm and making the spiritual gatherings a reality. I appreciate all of your wisdom and inspiration that you have given me since I met you.

Vivian you are a beautiful soul! I feel your light shining through the universe illuminating every soul. You have touched so many lives and I'm grateful for the way you have touched mine.

I love your being, your passion for God, the way you listen, the way you care, the way you express the truth, the way you love yourself and others.

Cathy Klein, Tampa, FL

Vivian Amis has written an incredibly healing book of truth. It is so very powerful that simply reading the words will uplift your spirit. I look forward to her continued successes and happiness as she shares the messages of spirit that so inspire hers and everyone else's lives that she is able to touch.

Roxanne Wilson, Ordained Minister of Spiritual Sciences

Regarding Vivian’s Book: I love it! I wish I were closer so I could study with her! It is very well written and written with a very tender compassion. It is obvious that it was written with Divine guidance.


Still remember the first lesson you put on my Way and saved my Life and changed it forever.

Ingrid Zimmerman

The truth affirmation has been a mental mantra for me for days now, and there is just much peace in my heart. Yesterday, I mentioned to my daughter that I could not find my phone. She said, immediately, "take no thought"--and I went "you are absolutely right” Just a few minutes later I reached into my purse and pulled out my phone.
I have suffered for about 3 years with Candida thrush infection in my mouth and intestines. Last night I looked in the mirror--and the Candida is totally gone.

Lori – Clearwater

“My life has changed so much since I first met Vivian. Her meditations and spiritual teachings have opened my soul to receive messages from the spiritual world. I was able to witness her healing abilities firsthand when she performed a spiritual healing for my mother. It was a miraculous day when my mom was able to walk without pain, something she hasn’t experienced in nearly thirty years.”

Sarah – Tampa

“I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age 24 and the disease has painfully taken over every joint in my body. I was walking the dog on a Wednesday night when I felt a sensation take over my body starting at my head and going all the way to my feet. Not only did this feeling put my entire soul at peace, but it took away every single ache and pain that I was fighting. At the time I had no Idea what had caused this or why. My daughter Sarah called a few days later and asked how I was feeling. After I told her about the experience she explained that Vivian had performed a spiritual healing for me on Wednesday. Sarah spoke to me often about Vivian and her ability to heal. Now I know that she spoke the truth, because I felt it. I can’t thank Vivian enough.

Margie – Tampa

Vivian has the ability to raise the level of consciousness, which created a space in which my healing occurred. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my first pregnancy. The doctor told me that I was destined to get gestational diabetes for all future pregnancies and that the occurrence of getting adult diabetes was pretty much certain. I became pregnant a second time and remembered the doctor's prediction about my gestational diabetes. I approached Vivian and by bringing my illusion of diabetes to her consciousness the gestational diabetes was healed. It was that fast and that simple. Vivian taught me that once the illusion of illness is brought into the light it will cease to exist. That is exactly what happened to me. Thank you Vivian!

Sonja Palomino –Brooksville

Vivian Amiss came into my life during a time of challenge at what appeared to be happening and what was actually happening. She pointed me in the direction of entertaining the idea of claiming Perfection, God's Perfection at work everywhere and therefore in my life as well. She helped me claim a central point that becomes a portal to rise above the level of problems. Simultaneously it is a way of connecting with Source that exists within and without like a laser light of guidance and hope moving through veils of negative thoughts that block us from our own Love. Vivian is surely a True Teacher as she points the Student back to his or her own heart.

Sidora Ziegler-St. Johnsbury, Vermont

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